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Meet CONTRAST Associated Partners

Associated Partners (AP) will contribute their expertise and guarantee access to patients.

Rehazenter (RZ), Luxembourg, AP of UL


The National Center for Functional Reeducation and Rehabilitation, called Rehazenter Luxembourg charge is delivering stationary and ambulatory care and offer functional reeducation and rehabilitation to patients experiencing neurological and orthopedical impairments.

The Rehazenter aims to assist all patients and their families and its missions are:

  • The management of a specialized medical establishment in charge of delivering stationary and ambulatory care as well as functional re-education
  • and the rehabilitation of disabled people,
  • To initiate and carry on specific clinical research programs in the physical re-education and rehabilitation domains,
  • To be a teaching place for re-education.

Clinic Judendorf-Strassengel (CJS), Austria, AP of UNI GRAZ


The opening of the Judendorf-Straßengel Clinic in October 2002 bridged the gap in health-care with regard to central rehabilitation in the south of Austria. The Judendorf-Straßengel Clinic with a total of 208 rehabilitation beds, including 16 parent/child beds, close to the provincial capital of Graz, is one of the most modern clinics in the country, with its focus on neurology, orthopaedics and child rehabilitation.

In the past, patients with cerebral or spinal illnesses or after orthopaedic surgery had to search widely for suitable rehabilitation. Now the Judendorf-Straßengel Clinic offers optimal care in a central location.

The combination of private initiative and public function makes this clinic unique in the country, whereby central focus is on the human being, who is not welcomed here as a patient but as a guest. Over 200 employees ensure that guests receive the best care during their entire stay.

La Salle Technova Barcelona (TB), Spain, AP of T-SYSTEMS


La Salle Technova Barcelona is a leading center of entrepreneurship and innovation. Since 2001, Technova Barcelona has successfully support more than 100 tech-based start-ups on sectors like Internet, multimedia, software development, clean tech, eHealth, among others, to start, grow and bring their products and services to the market.

Technova Barcelona promotes innovation among companies by helping them create new forms of processes and ways of generating new ideas through open and cross innovation. By working on individual projects and clustering activities, the creation of new products and/or services in the market and the growth of the companies itself is assured.

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