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1st CONTRAST Workshop : Establishing BCI in stroke rehabilitation – scientific and translational requirements.

Event:          1st CONTRAST Workshop : Establishing BCI in stroke rehabilitation – scientific and translational requirements.

When:          15. Sep. 2014, 15:00 - 18:00.

Category:     Science and Technology - Medicine.

Organizer:    The CONTRAST Project Team.

Venue:          Graz University of Technology.

Address:        Inffeldgasse 13/IV
                     8010 Graz, Austria.

Category:      Science and Technology - Medicine.

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Event Details

Each year, many people are affected by stroke, which may – depending on the extent of neuroanatomical lesions and functional loss – have tremendous consequences for their future lives: severe cognitive and motor impairments mostly increase dependence on others, promoting feelings of lost autonomy and helplessness and may lead to depression.

Early intervention to maintain or restore patients’ independence, which is linked to better well-being and overall management of daily life, is therefore of paramount importance.  

CONTRAST, a European collaborative research project, will:

  1. Bridge the gap between institutional rehabilitation, and continuous training and monitoring of impaired function and health parameters at home.
  2. Provide an adaptive human-computer interface (HCI) architecture for improving impaired cognitive function by changing brain activity using neurofeedback.

The whole CONTRAST team is now happy to announce the 1st CONTRAST Workshop as a satellite workshop on the Graz International BCI Conference 2014. Introduced by Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (Germany)) as Project Coordinator, it will take place on September 15, 2014, in Graz (Austria) from 15:00 to 18:00 with the following main topics:

  • “Needs, gaps, and bridges in stroke rehabilitation” - Welcome and
    introduction to the Workshop - Speaker: Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler, University of Würzburg (Germany).

  • “Scientific evidence of neurofeedback in clinical applications” - Speaker: Dr. Axel Kowalski, NeuroFit GmbH Therapie- und Trainings-Akademie (Germany).

  • “Scientific evidence of BCI use in stroke rehabilitation” - Speaker: Dr. Donatella Mattia, Fondazione Santa Lucia (Italy).

  • “Bio-and neurofeedback in neurorehabilitation: a clinical psychologist's perspective” - Speaker: Dr. Anne-Marie Schuller, Rehazenter / University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg).

  • “Customized mobile EEG facilitates motor imagery training” - Speaker: Catharina Zich, University of Oldenburg (Germany).

  • “From the lab to the real world – Marketing a product developed in research” - Speaker: Javier Tomás, NeuronUp (Spain).


  • A Semi-Dry Headset developed by MindMedia BV (The Netherlands) will be presented.


The Workshop language is English.

For more information:

Download flyer

Workshop Programme

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