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Monday, 15 September 2014

Keynote speakers:

  • Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler, University of Würzburg (Germany): “Needs, gaps, and bridges in stroke rehabilitation” - Welcome and introduction to the Workshop.
  • Dr. Axel Kowalski, NeuroFit GmbH Therapie- und Trainings-Akademie (Germany): “Scientific evidence of neurofeedback in clinical applications”.
  • Dr. Donatella Mattia, Fondazione Santa Lucia (Italy): “Scientific evidence of BCI use in stroke rehabilitation”.
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Schuller, Rehazenter / University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg): “Bio-and neurofeedback in neurorehabilitation: a clinical psychologist's perspective”.
  • Catharina Zich, University of Oldenburg (Germany): “Customized mobile EEG facilitates motor imagery training”.
  • Javier Tomás, NeuronUp (Spain): “From the lab to the real world – Marketing a product developed in research”.

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